Heat Treatment

Premier Hytemp’s heat treatment facilities ensure that components are treated to produce the properties required in customers’ specifications.

Our in-house heat treatment system with multiple furnaces provides a full range of normalizing, hardening, annealing and tempering of alloy and stainless steels. It has a weight capacity of 10 tons, size capacity of 87 by 87 by 50 inches and a temperature range up to 1,100 degrees Centigrade. Our heat treatment system has both water and polymer quenching ability and if required, oil quench can be performed. Included within the scope of our heat-treatment processes is a 500 ton straightening press for straightening bar products after heat treatment, or other processes requiring press functions.

We are pre-qualified with all major operators and OEM accounts and have significant first article track record on some of the largest subsea projects installed to date.

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