Oil & Gas

Premier Hytemp’s components are relied upon in safety critical applications across the oil and gas industry where quality and reliability are essential, including wellheads and trees, valves and down hole tools.

Our customers use our knowledge of and experience with specialist metals to manufacture components that can provide durable service in diverse and extreme operating environments, from the world’s hottest deserts to the extreme cold of the seabed in deep water.

We have developed long term relationships with the leading original equipment manufacturers and service companies in the industry based upon our consistent ability to meet your requirements in subsea wells, surface wells or platform wells in almost any environmental condition.


Top Drive Components

Premier Hytemp has extensive experience of manufacturing operationally-critical components for top drives used in drilling operations.

Employed onshore and offshore for increased safety and efficiency, top drives rotate the drill string during the drilling process. Top drives facilitate drilling with three joints stands, instead of just one pipe at a time and typically decrease the frequency of stuck pipe, which contributes to cost savings. Drillers are also able to engage and disengage pumps or the rotary more quickly while removing or restringing the pipe.

We manufacture top drive components to customers’ exacting specifications, including quills, load collars and swivels. The quality of materials used, engineering and testing is paramount because rotating parts are subject to constant, multidirectional stresses in the field. Reliability is critical to maintaining rig uptime and efficient drilling operations in often challenging circumstances, including extended reach and directional wells.

Christmas Tree Components

Premier Hytemp manufactures subsea Christmas tree components which are employed in some of the most extreme oil and gas extraction environments globally.

We manufacture components ranging from tree connectors and valve blocks to pup pieces, caps and penetrators which are integral to customers’ complex, subsea systems and have a direct impact on productivity through their reliability and ability to withstand extreme operating parameters.

A tree controls the flow, usually oil or gas, out of the well but a tree may also be used to control the injection of gas or water into a non-producing well in order to enhance production rates from other wells. The complexity of subsea trees has increased over the decades and they are now more frequently manufactured from blocks of steel containing multiple valves rather than being assembled from individual flanged components in order to enhance their integrity.

Subsea tree types include conventional, dual bore, mono bore, TFL (through flow line), horizontal, mudline, mudline horizontal, side valve, and TBT (through-bore tree).

Subsea trees are used in offshore field developments worldwide, from shallow to ultra-deepwater. The deepest subsea trees have been installed in the waters offshore Brazil and in the US Gulf of Mexico, and many are rated for waters measuring in excess of 10,000 feet deep. High pressure high temperature trees (HPHT) are designed for pressures up to 16,500 psi and temperatures ranging from -33 C to 175 C.

Well Head Components

Premier Hytemp manufactures an extensive portfolio of wellhead components used in subsea and topside locations, including casing and tubing hangers, wear bushings and blowout preventer (BOP) componentry, to industry API 6A and ISO 10423 specifications.

The wellhead is the structural and pressure-containing interface for the drilling and production equipment at the surface of an oil or gas well. It provides the suspension point and pressure seals for the casing strings that run from the bottom of the hole sections to the surface pressure control equipment.

The wellhead is typically welded onto the first string of casing, which has been cemented in place during drilling operations, to form an integral structure of the well. In exploration wells that are later abandoned, the wellhead may be recovered for refurbishment and re-use. Offshore, where a wellhead is located on the production platform it is called a surface wellhead, and if located beneath the water then it is referred to as a subsea wellhead or mudline wellhead.

Our manufacturing experience includes wellheads rated from 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi working pressure with operating temperature ratings from -45 C to 121 C. In general, the yield strength of the materials employed range from 36,000 to 75,000 psi.

DownHole Tools

Premier Hytemp manufactures down hole tool components to meet the high specifications required for performance, strength, corrosive environments, heat and wear.

The complexity and economics of today’s oil and gas drilling programmes require reliable, accurate and cost-effective down hole tool solutions. We specialise in metal materials and manufacturing processes with the highest specification levels, delivering engineered products which are integral to complex drilling operations.

Whether you need a measurement while drilling (MWD), logging whilst drilling (LWD) or a fishing tools solution, we have the experience and technical capability to deliver precision-engineered components to operate in high-stress downhole conditions.


Premier Hytemp manufactures an extensive range of connector components to customer specifications for use in conjunction with dynamic and static risers, static flowlines, subsea jumpers, topside jumpers and expansion joints.

Flexible pipes are used for versatile offshore oil and gas applications including production, gas lift, gas injection, water injection and various ancillary lines including potable water and liquid chemical lines.

Our engineering and manufacturing experience includes pipeline seals, connector bodies and flanged components which may be subject to dynamic or static service and are critical elements of flexible pipeline assemblies.

We specialise in manufacturing metal products suitable for the most arduous and extreme working environments. Our quality controlled and certified products meet the most demanding of mission critical, fail safe and output loss requirements.


Premier Hytemp are now involved on manufacture of precision machined Aerospace parts for tooling and can manage packages both small and large on a turnkey basis. We are also going through accreditation on ASI9100 to allow turn key supply of both flying and non flying parts to exacting quality requirements and quality plans.

As part of our investment plan for this sector we are also bringing in large capacity CMM inspection equipment to enable us to meet these quality requirements in early 2017. Our capabilities would then allow us to manufacture parts for: Fan Casings, Landing Gear, Casings & Fan Discs along with tooling and many other integrated parts purchased through the supply chain for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.


Premier Hytemp have been involved in a number of Turn Key supply projects throughout 2016 for Decommissioning on Gamma gate refurbishment and other packages . As part of this we have also been audited in line with Sellafield Contract Quality Requirements (SLM-4.06.02-Issue-3) .
Turn key manufacture of precision machined parts is on going from quality level 1 to 3 including project management.

As part of our on going development we Premier Hytemp have signed the NDA Charter and new members of NSAN and are looking to gain F4N early in 2017.


Through our materials stocking and Supply chain partnerships Premier Hytemp can offer all Rail OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers full supply of axles and wheel sets including all required heat treatments.

Our machining capabilities enable a cost effective supply of parts from forged bar on axles through to wheel sets and these can be stocked at our Edinburgh facility for call of on LTAs to enable reduction in lead times to meet customer requirements and are already manufacturing many similar parts for other market sectors.

Currently in review regards RISAS approval for supply of these critical parts in early 2017, Premier Hytemp are looking to become a key global supplier in this area .


A new key area for focus in 2017 for Premier Hytemp will be the Defence industry.

As part of our proven capabilities machining of Valve components incorporating cladding helps show case our capabilities and strengths.

Already engaging with Tier one suppliers to grow our presence in this area part of our expansion includes installation of new large capacity CMM in early 2017. This will also allow many other turnkey components that to be manufactured in house to exact customer requirements and precision specification whether from free issue materials or full supply.