Investment and development in our Newbridge facility.

Over the past 15 months we have converted what was our Saw Shop  in Newbridge, into a state of the art finished machine shop.   The purchase and installation of 5 new CNC Machines to add to our Newbridge capability, bringing the total number of CNC machines to 13. We have also purchased a weld cladding rig and a furnace. The improvements the new technology brings increase our capacity and efficiency as part of our end-to-end solution to our Customers.

New Machines  in 2015

Premier Hytemp UK has purchased 1 Samsung PL60 and 2 Samsung PL80 lathes with C-Axis capability. The PL60 has a 24” 3 jaw chuck. The PL80’s have a 32” 4 jaw chuck with a 14” hollow bore and a 2nd chuck at the back to grip longer jobs in. All 3 machines are 3200mm between centres. The machines are complimented by SMW Autoblock steadies up to Ø510mm. We also have a manual steady up to Ø650mm. The vast majority of our tooling for these machines is Capto quick release. These machines are ideal for product lines such as Shafts, Stems, Bore Receptacles, Flanges, Bonnets and many more.

Our YouJi VTL 1600ATC + C Drive Tool Vertical Lathe doubles our capacity to take large diameter pieces and turns them into precision components. The ability to use this machine with a C-Axis also allows us to machine parts on one machine when in the past 2 machines would have been required.

Ideal parts for this machine are, but not limited to Actuator Housings, Flanges, Connectors, Blind Flanges and Tree Caps products.

The Hyundai Wia KBN 135  is capable of taking weight up to 10 tonnes. It has a facing head attachment that allows complex boring operation to be carried out. The 40 tool carousel allows storage of standard tools also. With a table dimension of 2m x 1.8m and travel on axis of up to 3m this machine is well equipped to handle a wide range of components.

Additions to date in 2016

Since the turn of the year Premier Hytemp has completed qualification for weld procedures on its cladding rig. These procedures are for materials F22, F65 and 8630. We have recently installed and commissioned a furnace to compliment the welding process. The dimensions of the furnace are 2mᶾ.

In April we will install a MPI booth and will be looking to gain qualification  to allow us to use this as an in house capability, furthering our turn key solutions to customers.

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